Sean McCormack

Sean Mccormack coming from a minor clan of Northwind, age 29. In his youth broke up and split from his family, and for years has been keeping contact only with his younger brother who is currently an aerospace pilot in one of the Highlander regime

3rd Edition Attributes
Strength 4
Body 6
Dexterity 6
Reflexes 8
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5
Charisma 4
Edge 3(6)
Social Standing 5


Gun./Missile/H +2 Gun./Ballistic/H +2 Gun./Laser/H +3
Piloting/Mech +3 Gun./Laser/Space +1 Pistols +2
Rifles +5 SMG +3 Shotguns +1
Blades +2 Martial Arts/Military +3 Piloting/Wheeled +2
Chic +0 Tactics/Infantry +1 Leadership +2/td>
Sensor operations +1 Disguise +2 Intimidate +2
Academics/Military History +0 Escape artist +2 Seduction +2
Interrogation +0 Training +0 Investigation +0
Streetwise (Solaris 7) +0 First aid +2 Perception +2
Protocol (FedSuns) +1 Career/Soldier +2 Language/English +1
Language/Japanese +1 Streetwise (Chaos march) +0 Streetwise (FedSuns) +0
Scrounge +0 Gambling +1 Survival +2
Stealth +3 Acrobatics +1 Climbing +0
Running +0 Swimming +1 Navigation/Ground +2
Demolitions +3 Jump packs +1 Security systems +1
Zero G operations +1 Free fall +2 Tracking +1
  • Alternate Ident. – Hans Zimmer (circus acrobat)
  • Alternate Ident. – John Woo (Antiques dealer for Black lotus company)
  • Contact (2) – Lorren Jaffray (NWH)
  • Enemy (3) – Black Dragon society
  • Enemy (2) – Seth Alpert
  • Enemy (1) – Derreck Finnegan (NWH)
  • In for life (DMI)
  • Combat sense
  • Nightvision
  • Quirk – Paranoid
  • Stigma – Ladies man, bonvivant
  • Stigma – Pro Victor

Sean McCormack, Born: 17. Februar 3029, planet McComb, FedSuns/Draconis Combine contested planet

Father – Fergus McCormarck, deceased

Mather – Briana McCormack, (maiden Erskine), deceased

Brother – Daniel “Danny” McCormack, 3034 –

Height: 197 cm

Weight: 100 kg

*photo attached

Not married, no kids.

Born on the planet McComb, to a family descending from one of many Northwind Highlander clans. He was born on a border planet, which has been “traded” between Kurita’s and Davion’s lots of times, and the planet had a long and rich tradition of resistance, both to Draconis Combine and FedSuns forces. Shortly after his birth, Northwind acquired independance during 4th Succession War, and his parents started planning return to their ancestral home. Since at that time planet was in the hands of Kuritan forces which did not allow their subjects to freely relocate, Sean’s father Fergus has been forced to contact with some smugglers in order to try and procure flight off-planet for him and his family.

As it often happens, Kuritans were able to track illegal smuggling operation and they spring a trap while refugees were loaded aboard. In the ensuing chaos, Sean and Daniel got separated from their parents. Daniel was able to somehow board one of the dropships before it’s rapid lift-off, while their parents were arrested among with lots of other people. Later on they were executed, along with majority of people apprehended that night, in a typical Kurita show of force aimed to project fear into the hearts of the remaining population. Sean was able to extract himself from the trap, along with two smugglers, but he was forced to remain on planet. He was 16 at that time.

There are no precise and specific data concering the next few years of his life. What is known is that he came into contact with local resistance cell and joined them. Next 3-4 yearshe spent hiding from Kuritans, and taking part in numerous actions against them. What we know for certain is that he was one of few people who was able to adjust and survive.

After FedSuns troops landed on planet, he joined them like many other resistance cell survivors, and together with them he participated in fights that lead to planet liberation. During the course of those actions, he was identified as a good potential candidate for DMI (Department of Military Intelligence, Military branch of FedSuns intelligence service) by his contact (another DMI operative). He was offered a place in the training program which he accepted. After succesfull basic training, he applied and after [assing numerous tests, was accepted as an DMI operative.

    Details about his next assignments are scarce, but we know the following:
  • one of his missions (it is believed to be last training mission for Rabid Foxes programme, where operatives are inserted behind enemy lines) went very wrong (by accident or by design, it is not known), and Sean had to spent 6 months behind enemy lines alone.
  • he was part of a task force that took part in breaking the arms smuggling ring on both sides of FedSuns/Draconis combine border. He managed to obtain quite a few enemies in the Black dragon society due to his harshness, as well as some minor nobles in FedSuns.
    The following facts were positivelly confirmed:
  • he was a member of MI6 (DMI Special forces department) Rabid Foxes teams (FedSuns still deny their official existance)
  • transferred to MI4 (Covert operations division), and to FCIC about 6-9 months ago
  • trained in martial arts
  • proficient in all kinds of standard infantry small weapons
  • excellent sharpshooter
  • fluent in English and Japanese
  • proficent in use of explosives (not verified)
  • proficient with jump packs, HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) jumps and Zero-G operations
  • trained MechWarrior
  • we are aware of at least one alternate identity associated with him – Hans Zimmer, circus accrobat
  • keeps regular contact with his brother – Daniel McCormack, an active ASF pilot in Northwind Highlanders regiment air wing
  • constantly in conflict with his direct superiors (although as long as he gets results they are willing to keep one eye closed on his many excesses)

Sean McCormack

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