Ghost from the past, Sean's arch-enemy, deceased (committed seppuku)


Former DCMS Tai-i (Captain), now Tai-sa (Colonel) Miyabe (Tôjirô) Sukenaka

Tai-i Miyabe Sukenaka was CO of garrison on the planet of McComb. He was personally responsible for putting all prisoners in front of a firing squad (and Sean’s parents among other people) caught in the incident with smuggling refugees. Also he is personally responsible for very harsh measures taken against any of the remaining resistance fighters on-world. Tortures, public executions and terror over civilian population of McComb were daily occurrences. He has been able to survive several assassination attempts, most of the latter ones which were organized by Sean. At the same time, he managed to capture and kill most of Sean’s associates. Two of them almost waged a personal war, which was never resolved.


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