Habib Marwan

Habib Marwan, Born: 25. October 3028, planet Cassias, FedSuns (Davion) space

3rd Edition Attributes
Strength 4
Body 4
Dexterity 4
Reflexes 4
Intelligence 8
Willpower 7
Charisma 7
Edge 5(6)
Social Standing 6


Communications (Conventional) +1 Pistols +2 Piloting/Wheeled +1
First Aid +1 Perception +4 Career/Scientist +1
Career/Detective +1 Languages/English +2 Languages/French +0
Languages/Arabic +1 Martial Arts/Military +1 Investigation +1
Leadership +1 Tactics/Infantry +1 Bureocracy (Federated Suns) +2
Cryptography +1 Academics/Law (Interstellar) +5 Academics/Political Science +2
Academics/Military History +0 Surveillance +1 Seduction +4
Interrogation +3 Fast talk +2 Disguise +1
Computers/Operations +2 Computer /Hacking +1 Security systems +1
Acting +1 Protocol (Federated Suns) +2 Training +2
Chic +0 Stealth +0 Rifles +0
Support weapons +0 Sensor operations +0 Piloting/Mech +1
Gun./Ballistic/H +0 Gun./Missile/H +0 Gun./Laser/H +1
  • Fast learner
  • Wealth (3) 10.000 C-Bills
  • Well-equipped (6) Equipment rating (F)E/E/E
  • Commision (3) Hauptman
  • Well-connected (2) (Addicks/Cassias)
  • In for life (MIIO)
  • Contact (1) mafia underworld contact who provided him with initial info
  • Contact (1) local news reporter on Addicks to whom he leacked the story, so he published it first, exclusively
  • Contact (3) FedSuns Addicks noble (Marquis Stamatos)
  • Enemy (1) local Addicks mobster who was arrested and serving (served?) time
  • Enemy (3) ? (hehehe, GM’s eyes only)
  • Dependant (2) Wife (Matana)
  • Good reputation Cassias
  • Alternate identity (2)
  • Lady killer!

Habib Marwan, Born: 25. October 3028, planet Cassias, FedSuns (Davion) space Parents unknown (orphan)

Height: approximately 185cm Weight: 79kg *photo attached

Married to Matana Altume Kadaji Marwan (age 28). Her family represents planetary nobility of Cassias – her father is a rich industrial, while her uncle Count Amir Altume Kadaji is the planetary governor. There are indicators that they are experiencing some marriage difficulties (potential affair by both sides).

He was born and raised in the orphanage. As a very gifted child, he applied and was awarded state-sponsored scholarship. He graduated from the college, and then went on to further study on the Law University which he finished with merits. Somewhere near the end of his studies, he was contacted and recruited by MIIO (MIIO – Ministry of Information Intelligence and Operations – civilian intelligence service branch of FedSuns government). He started working at their internal investigations department – BII (The Bureau of Internal Investigation), where he was involved in uncovering an attempted blackmail operation aimed at a high ranking FedSuns noble. Aside from being involved in the operation as an undercover agent, in the trial proceedings he was offered and he accepted the role of prosecutor assistant. In that role he has demonstrated considerable skill and acumen, leading to successful convictions of accused people, and earning him both good reputation on planet Addicks, where the investigation/trial took place, and some enemies in the ranks of FedSuns nobility whose plans he have successfully foiled.

Soon after that he is transferred to a more desk-oriented job (outside of operations), where he completes his magisterial studies, and in a short time span becomes one of the leading experts on Interstellar Law issues throughout the Federated suns.

He is proficient at small arms, have basic martial arts training, highly intelligent and quick-thinking. According to some sources, upper-class ladies find him very attractive. 4-5 years ago (prior to his marriage) he was romantically involved with Demi-Precentor Sharon Gardbaum of ComStar.

In 3057. after formation of Federated Commonwealth (super-state created as a result of Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth merge) he was transferred to FCIC (Federated Commonwealth Intelligence Corps), newly formed intelligence department which arouse by joining Davion (DMI, MIIO) and Steiner (LIC) intelligence resources.


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Habib Marwan

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