• Habib Marwan

    Habib Marwan

    Habib Marwan, Born: 25. October 3028, planet Cassias, FedSuns (Davion) space
  • Max Planc

    Max Planc

    Maximus Teodor Planc, or simply Max Planc is a merc coming from Outworlds Alliance. Age 32, married to Sofia, twin kids. Tech by vocation, he has 12 different Tech subskills (although at not very high level). Also has a Natural Aptitude for piloting Mechs
  • Pavek Kovalsky

    Pavek Kovalsky

    Pavek Kovalsky, born in the city of Urik, planet Brinton, Taurian Concordat, on 04.03.3026
  • Sean McCormack

    Sean McCormack

    Sean Mccormack coming from a minor clan of Northwind, age 29. In his youth broke up and split from his family, and for years has been keeping contact only with his younger brother who is currently an aerospace pilot in one of the Highlander regime