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Pre game info

Pre-game setup

Campaign start will be set somewhere mid-February 3058 on (you guessed it) Terra. Max Planc is a second-in-command in a newly formed merc unit which should appear on Terra as a vanguard/subcontracted unit of the 21st Centauri lancers. After the break-up of his former mercenary command, Max’s current CO Ronald Stockton contacted his personal friend Evelena Haskell and struck a deal with her. He will give her the unit’s remaining dropship, while she will take care of their debts, repairs and supplies, and include them as a subcontracted unit for a sweet garrison mission she just netted from Comstar. Evelina welcomed the reinforcements to her Lancers, which were bloodied on Hsien after numerous skirmishes with Second FedCom RCT. On the other hand Stockton grabbed a chance to recoup his losses, and improve his fledgling mercenary command with excellent training he might receive while stationed with Lancers, and not to mention ComStar’s extraordinary repair and logistics facilities. Unknown to them, the Lancers will not be arriving a couple of weeks later, or at least not the Lancers they expect. By a interesting twist of fate (GM’s will), the incoming Shadow Lancers will also be completely unaware of their existence (because of a last minute deal between Haskell and Stockton).

Habib and Sean will arrive on Terra about the same time (mid-february) as a part of FedSuns diplomatic mission. Habib will be one of the representatives who will officially want to access ComStars archives on Terra in order to do some research on Interstellar law. All of this is being done as a joint effort between Comstar and FC in terms of preparation for a new proposal of a Star League Accords/Constitution. While this is his cover story, in fact it is his secondary assignment in reality. But the primary assignment he received from his superiors is to try and uncover anything about Richard Cameron’s last days, possible scions, hereditary rules in case there are no possible heirs, etc, etc…An interesting addition is that a member of Comstars team working on this project is Demi-Precentor Sharon Gardbaum, with whom Habib had a brief but very passionate relationship years earlier (before he was married). On the other hand, Sean will arrive on Terra as Habib’s bodyguard/aide/secretary. He has received a very crappy mission from his immediate superior, whom he has circumvented during his previous mission. And since we all know that bosses can be very nasty when they are angry – Sean has the following: he needs to try to locate and identify a former MI6 agent which went missing years ago. The target is none other than Demi-Precentor Martial Rho/Epsilon VI David Burnside, CO of the Special service branch (Blake’s wrath). To make matters worst, in order to give him appropriate cover, and lessen suspicion, Sean will have to appear as gay.

All of them will have some time to try and fulfill their missions, or start working towards them, and on February 28th, things will become much more interesting for all.



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