Home before the sky falls

21st Sean and Habib

Past can come to haunt us…

Sean and Habib are transporting 4 recently freed females in the dusk of the morning, along with Miyabe ’s daughter. It seemed that crazy night full of blood and violence is finally behind them.

Issues with clothes (girls are almost naked), their origins (Magistracy of Canopus) and how to transport them back home. Among other things, Habib realizes that they may be a very good venue for his (Charlie’s) song. Girls are provided transportation home at PC’s expense and a copy of the song has been set with them to MoC. For successfully freeing additional hostages, they are awarded 1 edge point.

Sean takes Morioka Sukenaka into a bungalow suite, and after some discussions with her, he provides her father the info to the whereabouts of his daughter. Miyabe picks up his daughter, and sets up a meeting with Sean for tomorrow evening.

Day after – game day. After winning the match (2nd in a row), despite facing technical troubles yet again, players are attacked in the hangar, after dismounting their mechs. A brief firefight later, Sean realizes that their attacker, whom he just apprehended is actually a teenage girl (approx. 13 years). News crew taped an attack somehow, and lots of discussions with arena management, bribes, threats and promises later, tape is finally in their hands.

Kid is actually daughter of a black bodyguard, whom Sean executed a night before. She’s very skillful street urchin, and interviewing the kid and finding out the truth, locating her mother, negotiating with her and arena management seems to be too much for Sean. It’s not what he’s used to at all, and he feels very “out of place”. Thankfully, Habib is there and he takes over the gritty job, while Sean leaves the arena and walks out in the gathering storm.

Later that evening Sean visits Miyabe in his residence, and easily realizes that his long time enemy will honor their agreement, and yet once again, will deny Sean the bitter-sweet taste of revenge. He provides the data disc to Sean with location of secret Kurita facility, and then honors Sean by selecting him as his selected attendant (“kaishakunin”) in the ritual of seppuku which is about to commence. After sharing his favorite meal with him, Sean witnessed Miyabe writing his death poem. Blood was spilled, life was saved, agreement has been honored and honor was kept despite betrayal. A very melancholic Sean walked into Kobe’s moonless night, wondering how come the rain stopped just then and there…

Habib was drained. He finished all the negotiations, sealed all the deals, shook hands and all was finally solved. All was well. Yet he was thoroughly disgusted and feed up with everything. And just then, as it usually happens, his phone rang. It was Catty Lee (Katerina Brier) asking him out on a date. After such a day, he knew he just have to turn her down. He could not accept her invitation, not when things with Matana finally seem to get better. Less than an hour later he sat in a comfy little restaurant, looking at her face, almost not listening to her, and yet he was able to say all the right things. A few more hours later, he was lying awake next to her naked, warm body asking himself a familiar question – “Why?” Her sudden departure some time later, which was accompanied by hers “I have to get back, my husband will return soon”, just added another layer of bitterness in his throat. Why, damn it, why?!



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