Home before the sky falls

1st Sean

And so it begins…

Location unknown. Smoke hang heavily from the ceiling, surrounding and giving an even sharper contrast to the focused beam of light and colors, coming from what seemed to be centuries old part of projecting box. To the “uninitiated” it may seem that department’s budget was very low if they had to depend on such old junk, pardon, equipment, for a video beam. A professional, however, would be aware that this “piece of junk” was used for a very specific reason, which had nothing to do with departments funding. Reason was that older machines were much simpler for repair and maintenance, and having much less sophistication meant that there was much less possibilities that some other device, like a listening bug was hidden inside the beamer. A burly man with thick brown mustaches sits leaned in a chair, with his feet on the desk. Directly across him sits Sean, starring at the image being projected on the wall. Scott Murray, Sean’s superior, continues to talk in his heavy Outback accent, chewing at a long forgotten cigar in his mouth. “We think that the pretty boy there is David Burnside. Everything you need to know is on the following slides” - Medical records place Burnside between ages 35-40 - Rumor: served with several mercenary companies - Unconfirmed: Brought up by relatives in Federated Suns, run away from home in his early teens to join the AFFS. - No official record of him appears until 3039, when he appeared and served as a mechwarrior in Eridani light horse. The Eridani records lists him as Killed in action (KIA) when his Wolverine’s reactor exploded during extended manouvers. (Mentions of foul-play, since his mech was known to be in pristine condition) - Currently suspected to be in ComStar ROM, as a Demi-Precentor Martial for the Secret Services unit known as Blake’s Wrath. - Excellent soldier and leader, cross-trained (martial arts, infantry and support weapons, Mech warrior, ground vehicles, survival…) - No additional details of his whereabouts and/or habits

“We need you to go there, verify and confirm (or deny) his identity and report back. We have a confirmed lead on the locations where people from his unit hang around when off-duty. You should be able to check those spots, at least. Oh, yeah, I need you to get in touch with Ministry guys (FCIC), in order for them to provide you with cover story. Actually, they are under the impression that we are giving you on loan, in order for you to baby-sit one of their whimps. Since I have no idea who in his right mind would ever bother to off that schmuck, this is actually a mission even you cannot screw up. Get lost now, I ain’t got all day to waste with you!” “And another thing – in order to make it even easier for you, lover boy, I arranged that your cover sais that you’re gay” Sean’s middle finger is the only response he got.



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